Overcoming Common WordPress Issues By Using Simple Precautions


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WordPress is open-source software that is available to download for free. It is a content management system that utilizes PHP and MySQL. Although it started out as a simple blog, it has now become one of the most popular content management systems around. As per the statistics mentioned on the…[...]

Overcoming Common WordPress Issues By Using Simple Precautions

There are several programming languages to develop websites online. Some of the most commonly used languages and technologies are PHP, ASP.NET and Java. Although PHP is the only language that has been specially created for website development. There are several articles on which is the best programming language to use…[...]

Comparing PHP With ASP.NET

It is a proven fact that WordPress is the preferred CMS (Content Management System), all around the world. Tens of millions of users use WordPress for personal reasons or for conducting their business. The platform’s potential longevity is unquestionable. Despite being so popular, WordPress continues to have weaknesses like concealed…[...]

Ways of Securing a WordPress Website from Hackers

The tremendous benefits of using WordPress are becoming more visible more than ever now on different Social media sites and other social media platforms by making various types of content. Since no such coding system is required in Word Press, making websites with the help of this online Web creation…[...]

Questions You Need to Ask Before Deciding to Hire a Word Press Developer or Programmer