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8 SEO strategies that one must follow in 2021

Digital Marketing, SEO

This is the year when many entrepreneurs will think of launching their startups. There
are many established businesses that will want to spread their reach further. For this
website is a handy tool. But having a website is not enough. Businesses need a well
optimised website that will reach out to a greater number of target audiences.

seo strategies

SEO strategies

Follow these important aspects in your SEO strategy without fail:

Optimize for BERT:
To leverage machine learning and natural language processing, BERT is very important.
Search engine giants Google, Bing, etc., give lots of importance to BERT. Therefore, when
you are optimizing the website, you have to keep BERT in mind.

Use of featured snippets:
A featured snippet will occupy the position above the first organic search result, and it
will give the answer to the query that the user has typed. This is position zero, and we
are sure you understand the importance of this snippet. So, you must try to grab this
position at zero at any cost in your SEO strategy.

Optimization of content:
Your SEO strategy must include optimization of the content. For this, the use of correct
keywords in the right way is very important. It is also important to find the correct
keywords, which can help to give a boost to your website in the organic search results.

You cannot lose focus on the content:
Along with the use of proper keywords, it is also important that the content is relevant
and informative, and well researched. It must be able to hold the attention of the target

The importance of Structured Data:
Optimization of the website can be done by proper use of Structured Data, which is also
called Schema markup. It is a code that gives information to the search engine about
the page, and it helps in understanding the purpose of the page.

Knowledge Graph:
A knowledge Graph is an algorithm that gives information about entities, organizations,
public figures, etc. For the optimization of the knowledge graph, you will have to keep in mind a few important things like Schema markup, Wikipedia page, verified social media
accounts, Google My Business Profile.

Link Building & Brand Building:
If you want to establish your company or product as a brand, then you have to have one
of the best SEO strategies. Efficient link building is one of the ways which can help in
building brands.

Focus on Visibility:
SEO visibility is important to increase awareness of your brand. You have to try and
achieve a higher ranking in the Search Engine Result Page so that your target audiences
are more likely to find you when they search for something that is in context to your
company, products, and services.

It goes without saying that SEO strategy is a vital part of digital marketing strategy.
Keep the above points in mind while formulating your search engine strategy so that
you can reach out to a greater number of potential customers with ease.

    Rushik Shah 08 February , 2021

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