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8 Important Node js trends that you cannot miss in 2021

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When it comes to developing scalable solutions developers depend on Node js developers. This is a robust open-source framework that is found to be one of the most cost-effective solutions. Here are some important Node Js trends that every developer must follow.


1. Microservices facilitated by Node.js:

Microservices means no server approach. With microservices, it becomes very easy to
maintain the code. The effectiveness of the project is found to improve. Management of
large projects becomes easy.

2. GraphQL deployment in Node.js apps:

It is believed that in the coming times this feature of Node.js will grow considerably. One
can effectively use sources of multiple data and it can also be used cost-effectively. The
best part about GraphQL deployment is that it lets you create new features.

3. Real-time apps or Node.js apps:

Real-time apps are in great demand these days. Whether it is an app for food delivery or
whether it is Google docs or the trading platform real-time apps are what people want.
It is here that Node.js can be useful. By backend processing, Node.js simplifies the work
of the developer and it supports web socket protocol. With Node.js you can develop
video conferencing apps, gaming apps, chat apps, etc.

4. Internet of things- A backend development:

Due to microservices and real-time approach Node.js can be useful in the case of the
Internet of Things. Node.js has a data-centric approach and can be very useful to
develop IoT apps. At the server end, Node.js needs low resources and it also does not
occupy much memory. It is known for the faster and more real-time execution of IoT

5. Scalability & Reusability:

It is always better to use scalable solutions for business because adaptability becomes
easier as the business grows. Node.js is a scalable framework. It is also known for its
reusability, flexibility, and better feature updates.

6. Serverless architecture in Node.js:

Due to the serverless architecture of Node.js one does not have to worry about the
maintenance of any server or hardware. With Node.js it is possible to complete the work
faster and it also becomes possible for the developer to give a good quality product.

7. Cloud Solutions:

Cloud computing is a preferred option as it is a cost-effective solution and it is also
known to improve performance. Node.js because of its serverless architecture can be
used for building cloud-based apps. Node.js is not only used to build new cloud apps but
it can also be integrated into existing cloud-based apps. Google has made available to
developers Node.js tools for faster cloud app development.

8. Frameworks used by Node.js Development Company:

Due to the different benefits, many developers prefer to use the Node.js framework. We
would like to mention here the different frameworks used by Node.js development
companies. These are Meteor.JS, Express.JS, Koa.JS, Nest.JS, and Hapi.JS.

For web and app development the above-mentioned are very important Node Js trends. So, for your next project make sure that you hire a Node.js developer

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