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Manage your PPC campaign better with these easy ways

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah

You have launched the PPC campaign because you want to get better ROI, and this is possible only if you manage the campaign in the best possible way. Wondering how to do this? Here are some effective ways to handle your PPC campaign.

  1. Who is your target audience?

One of the first things that you need to do is understand your target audience. You need to analyze the products and services that you are offering. Next, you have to understand your market and plan and manage the PPC campaign accordingly.

  1. Know and follow the trends:

One of the most important ways of PPC management is to understand the latest trends and implementing the same. One of the most important trends in PPC campaigns is automation, where you can take help from software for repetitive tasks. In Google Ads, you will come across many automated features like Dynamic search ads, smart campaigns, etc. Automation of specific tasks is now possible with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  1. Use AdWords to help:

One very important factor that you cannot ignore when you manage the PPC campaign is getting a greater number of “relevant” clicks. You need to make use of the correct long tail keywords so that you can reach your target audiences with ease. But at the same time, you do not want irrelevant clicks. You do not want your ad to surface when certain phrases are typed. Now here is where negative keywords come into the picture.

The negative keywords will prevent your ad from coming up when specific phrases or words are typed. Adding negative keywords has to be done regularly. You must review your campaign weekly, check the performance, segregate the negative keywords, and keep adding them. There are tools on Google Ads, which can be of great help. For example, the Negative and other keyword helpers will help to remove ads from specific negative terms.

  1. Conversion tracking:

The ultimate aim of your campaign is to get more conversions. Therefore, in PPC managementconversion tracking is very important. There are tools that you can use to understand how many visitors visited the website and how many got converted.

  1. Retargeting campaigns:

One more way which will help to improve the conversion rate by a whopping 30% is retargeting campaigns. Here the cookies of the user’s browser can help to retarget those web users who have already visited your website.

  1. Landing pages:

You must have a well-optimized landing page in your PPC campaign because this is the page that your target audience will see when they reach your website through the advertisement. The language needs to crisp, and all the information has to be perfect. Make use of A/B split testing to make most of your current traffic and to get better conversions.


The combination of the above methods will help to make your PPC campaign more effective. In addition to these aspects, make sure that you use forceful words in your advertisement description. If you are running the campaign on social media, then your social media pages have to be active with trendy posts. Last but not least, make sure that you review the campaign regularly, and before you kickstart your PPC campaign, have clarity about your budget.

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