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Not all WordPress websites utilize multiple users ; they usually only use the default admin user to make the necessary settings and changes in the posts and pages. But there are many different types of WordPress websites. In the case where you have a very large blog and have used…[...]
There is an editor to help you out in WordPress while writing posts or pages. This editor can be disabled and enabled as you please. In addition to which it is also possible to enhance the editor. While placing text on a page you can either just paste the text…[...]
WordPress themes are customizable from the admin section itself. How do you do it and what is the expert level that is required to do so? These are some common questions that this articles aims to address. To start with WordPress is a very user friendly software and hence the…[...]
Compression and extracting tools are a must to have  when developing a website. This is especially true when making a WordPress Website. The WordPress source files themselves are compressed files and need to be extracted after download. In addition to which the supporting files like the theme files as well…[...]
Wordpress is a popular open source blogging software which is free to download. IT has a very good content editor hence WordPress can also be implemented as a content management system. It uses PHP and MySQL as the main technologies. Often while making a website there is need to extract…[...]