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This is an age old question that everyone concerned Or at least I feel it is an old query that just about every website development team often debates after the launch of a successful website. I am only speaking from personal experience of when I used to work as a…[...]
Web Design is not a very hard task and hence many people try to test their creativity at doing this. Web Designing is easier if you have the skills of several designing tools like a graphics editor as well as technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But many time it…[...]
The design of a website has a lot to do with the personal preferences of the firm. The firm is likely to assign the task of building their website to an able Web development company where in turn a skilled website designer will try to design the layout based on…[...]
Using the ‘Table’ element in HTML can be considered as basis knowledge of HTML and just about everyone knows how to do this. In fact if you were to read the very basics about HTML like the “Foundations of Web Design” it is likely to include how to use ‘Table’.…[...]
HTML5 has been around for a while now and a great many more websites are implementing designs with HTML5. This combined with the responsive website design means a lot of changes in the new website designs to come. That said HTML5 came with many new elements and not all of…[...]