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When it comes to mobile testing it is a good idea to never take anything for granted. The mobile platform is very different from the traditional desktop one. One of the major challenges is the fact that the mobile is used while on the go hence there are many additional…[...]
This is truly the digital age now that there are more mobile devices and the fact that there are more mobile Internet users than Internet users from any other platform also says a lot. This has resulted in more number of businesses shifting focus on to their mobile application and…[...]
The app you have designed may be amazing with a good design and good story. But at times that is not enough since the way in which we access our information has now changed. More number of people now use their mobile devices to access the Internet than before. In…[...]
When we talk about mobile gaming and how it is changing in nature, the first thing that comes to the mind advances in technology making the big waves. Although that may be true to some extent with the release of devices such as the Oculus Rift and the several other…[...]
Mobile gaming development is similar to gaming development on other platforms, in the sense it takes a lot of dedication and attention to detail. For a mobile App developer, it is not sufficient to simply have general knowledge about game development since there is more to mobile games development that…[...]