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How to add internal article links in Joomla? Cross articles are those which contains links to other articles. It is possible to add cross - articles links to your Joomla article by simply following the procedure mentioned below: Begin by first loading the administrative panel of your Joomla website. Once…[...]
If you ever noticed the URL of the pages of your Joomla website you would have noticed that is very long and complicated; besides which it does not make sense and is impossible to remember. You can change this to better URLs, ones that you can remember, also called Search…[...]
Joomla is a very versatile software. It is an open source software which is free to download and install. Joomla has many different implementations; it can be used as a blog, a content management system, or even an ecommerce website. Whatever the case may be you have the option of…[...]
Require search options: No matter what kind of website you are making or need to develop it is necessary to have a search option. For example your website may be a content management system, or a simply blog or even an ecommerce website. All the mentioned types of websites require…[...]
Joomla is an open source software available as a free download from the internet. It is possible for just about anyone with a little knowledge of computers or an IT Savvy person to download the files and install them on to their own server. Joomla has provided as a very…[...]