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Joomla is one software that can be customized and implemented in many different ways. It can be implemented as a blog, a content management system, an ecommerce website, a magazine or even a newspaper to name a few type of websites. With such a broad range of implementations possible it…[...]
So you made your website and now have the much required contact or feedback form on your website for the visitors to contact you. This is a good thing since every website should have a feedback form of some kind. But what is also required is the correct level of…[...]
Joomla is a highly versatile software which is open source. It is available as a free download for just about anyone to download and install. One of the main reasons it has become very popular is that fact that is very user friendly and has a low learning curve. But…[...]
[caption id="attachment_2092" align="aligncenter" width="530"] Managing user permissions in Joomla[/caption] The user permissions which are quite important for just about any website with user accounts can be managed in a very good method in Joomla. In fact no content management system should be without it. With Joomla it is possible to…[...]