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Introduction To Android Studio 3.0 & Its New Features.

Google recently released Android Studio 3.0 which comes with many new features and additions. It is a major upgrade from the previous version and hence it should not be skipped. It includes many new tools and features and also includes a quickly diagnose performance tool along with a proofing tool. The new version helps accelerate the development of Android Oreo APIs as well.   Google has made an effort at improving the stability and performance in several areas that were required. They have done this based on the feedback as well as an upgrade from the previous version. It allows [...]    Read More

How An App Is Created And What Are The Latest App Development Software?

The digital gaming industry has always been very big. With the increasing use of mobile devices, the demand for mobile games has increased many fold. Thus, it is little surprise that there are now a large number of mobile gaming apps available both, on the Android’s Google Play store as well as the Apple Store. The process in brief: There are a few main processes that define the Android and iPhone Application Development Services of creating a mobile game. This is explained in brief here. The Game Concept: A game is something that entertains everyone. The games are often developed by the [...]    Read More