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Using ‘Fastly’ to optimize Magento website

What is Fastly? Fastly is a CDN service that helps improve the content access speed hence resulting in significantly faster loading times for websites and mobile users. It makes use of SSD disks and their cache servers and hence this means the access speeds are high and at the same time the cache hit ratio is also very high. In addition to this there are over 30 point of presence locations all over the world in places like Asia, Europe, both North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. These have been strategically placed and make use of reverse proxy which means the content is [...]    Read More

Which eCommerce software to choose for custom module development – Magento, PrestaShop, or OpenCart ?

What is Module Development? A module is an encapsulation of custom code in order to implement a functionality. It can have an interface of its own that allows one to access the functionality in a custom manner. It can be developed in a way that makes it possible to couple it to other modules or interface. However, it is usually developed as a complete package so that it can be reused. Benefits of a module: A module is a small program that provides a specific functionality and hence has fewer bugs. It is easier to understand the algorithm of a module. The benefits of using modules for [...]    Read More

The comparison between PrestaShop, Magento and Opencart

PrestaShop: PrestaShop is open source software that is available for free download from their website. It is an ecommerce package that is widely popular for many reasons. It poses many unique features which also includes a very user friendly interface. In addition that PrestaShop was winner of the 2010 and 2011 best open source business application award as well. PrestaShop that was founded in Paris, makes extensive use of AJAX in the admin panel. It allows modules and blocks to be easily added to the store even by novice users. It has a great many features already built into the basic [...]    Read More

How to Installing template and theme with sample data in Magento?

Magento is ecommerce software that can be downloaded from their website. At times it may seem a good idea to hire a Magento developer to help you out with the installation of the shopping cart. This would be a correct decision if you require customising your website further and adding a unique and personal touch to it. It may be easy to install a template for Magento and even Magento itself; however the customization of Magento is a difficult task best left to a Magento web development company like Alakmalak. The installation of a magento is quite straight forward however here are some [...]    Read More

How to Clear Magento Cache?

Magento is eCommerce software and is available to download freely from their website. It is highly versatile software, which is one of the reasons that it has risen to popularity so fast. Magneto by itself has many features built into it and thus reduces the need for you to add any extensions. However there are many extensions available for you to install into Magento to enhance the user experience. Furthermore if you wish for a truly unique website or custom functionality it is likely you will need the assistance of a Magento Web developer. Often while making change to the website you [...]    Read More