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Comparing PHP With ASP.NET

There are several programming languages to develop websites online. Some of the most commonly used languages and technologies are PHP, ASP.NET and Java. Although PHP is the only language that has been specially created for website development. There are several articles on which is the best programming language to use to develop a website. ASP.NET has several good features and since it is developed by Microsoft, there are several advantages of using ASP.Net when using a Microsoft Server. There are many factors to consider when selecting the optimal programming language. This may depend on [...]    Read More

What Are Web Development Services?

There is a thin fine line between web development and web design. The line is often blurred and generally on is used for the other and visa versa. So what are web development services? Web development is to so with the making of a web site. It involves the design, creating and developing and even optimizing of web sites from the web site developer’s perspective. I specify web site developer’s perspective because design does not mean making the layout of the web site. It is more to do with the design of the dynamic software. For example in case of a custom web site the system will first [...]    Read More

Web Development Services in India

Web development in India has become very popular and this popularity has crossed the seas too. Web development in India is popular in several other countries like USA, UK and other European countries. The Web Development companies offer a wide range of professional and feature rich web sites and thus have started to attract off shore businesses. Asia in general is considered a good IT hub which keeps abreast with the latest technology and provides customers with very good quality Web sites as per the requirements. And in Asia it is India that has gained quite a good reputation as an being [...]    Read More

Responsive Website Design Bringing a New Aspect in Web Design Market

In the modern world, the use of internet is getting more and more common with each passing day. Now, in such a condition, the needs of different styles of websites are becoming high. Here comes the importance of quality web design that can make your website look even better than ever before. However, some of them are traditional one and some are modern styles. Now, if you want to make your website most modern in the aspect of web designs, then choosing responsive web design is one of the best options as this is amongst the most modern web design styles. Compatible with Internet Browsers: [...]    Read More

Website Development India – To Get the Latest in Web Development

Websites are the integral parts of any online business organization. Without a website, an online business is something like a man without heart. It is the core element of any business venture that addresses the mission and vision of the particular company before the public. Technological developments in IT industry have extended the potentiality of websites. Now, people can buy and sell through the ecommerce shopping cart facilities equipped on contemporary websites. With the growing demands for improved website, more and more companies now resort to website development India service [...]    Read More