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Factors To Consider During Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is more important that one can imagine. This is especially true for eCommerce website but applies to other types of websites as well. If it is a business website and the business has some changes in the services they offer, the websites need to be updated to have the most current information displayed online. If the website has a user base that often visits the website for information or news, then it is highly likely that the user base may increase over time and the space required by the website may also increase. Hence, this website would require higher bandwidth and [...]    Read More

Top ten reasons to pick Laravel

When it comes to web development there are many PHP framework that can be used to develop a website. Amongst the PHP Frameworks there are Laravel, Cake PHP, Zend Framework, Code Ignitor as the more popular ones. Here are the top reasons why so many people have chosen Laravel and the development framework to develop their business or personal website.   Authentication: If your website has a user base or is an eCommerce website, it is essential to have a feature where the customers can keep their personal data safe. Hence they are usually required to login to their accounts via the [...]    Read More

How To Make the Best Ecommerce Website Design For Magento?

Summary: Magento can be used to make your shopping cart online since it is an ecommerce software. However it is more often than not that the client requires customizing the basic theme and changing it to something very different and something that he desires. The procedure required to do so needs some designing and programming skills and thus may require professional help. Magento Development ServicesMagento is an ecommerce software that can be used to make your shopping cart. It is common to wish to have your own design for a Magento shopping cart website. The process of making a new [...]    Read More

Boosting site with JavaScript

JavaScript is a favorite tool of the Indian web developers and it should be too. After all there are many benefits of using JavaScript on a website. HTML is a markup language and has many limitations most of which can be addressed by JavaScript. I would go as far as to say that JavaScript completes HTML. However in spite of JavaScript being very popular there are many web designers that are not well versed in it and it is left up to the web developers to implement the nice features that JavaScript makes possible. That said it is important to implement JavaScript in the correct manner. I [...]    Read More

India Web Design for All

When you are planning to set up your business online, then you must think of a good quality website with you to help you out. This is because, if you have an official website of yours for your business, then you can launch products there, sell it there and can earn a lot of more money than what you can do by giving the authority to other websites to sell your products through their portals. Now, it is not easy to set up your website accordingly as you need to attract people more towards your website as there are many websites that are selling their products online. Web Developers in [...]    Read More