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Expert Review of OpenCart E-Commerce Software

OpenCart is a shopping cart software that is available as a free download. It is an open source software that is based on PHP and MySQL database. This is now maintained by a UK based developer. It is considered to be one of the best eCommerce software for small to medium businesses. Expert review of OpenCart OpenCart is full-fledged eCommerce platform with a great many features. However, there are a few things that you should be aware off prior to making your decision on using OpenCart. OpenCart does have plenty of good features however, if you are planning to use it for your business, it [...]    Read More

8 Must-Have PHP Quality Assurance Tools

It is a good idea to test your code prior to delivering the final project. It is quite common there to be bugs in the code due to errors of some kind. Hence, testing the code prior to release is a must. Here are a few quality assurance tools that can be used for a before hiring PHP developer. – PHPUnit: PHPUnit is a popular framework for testing a website project developed using the language PHP. It is based on the xUnit architecture for unit testing. PHPUnit has been designed to be able to find the bugs in the code quickly and easily. By making use of specific units it is possible [...]    Read More