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Archive for Zencart Web Development

Laravel vs Zend Framework, which is better?

Web Development may seem like a simple enough task that almost any programmer with little programming knowledge can handle. But the truth is quite different. The web development process involves many deliverable’s that makes it a time intensive and complicated process. It involves making sure the websites offer a unique and pleasant user experience in the form of a good website design on a browser of a PC, a mobile device and on tablet PCs and Laptops. Besides which it also involves the development of the functionality of the website. However, by making use of frameworks like [...]    Read More

How To Work With New Features And Special Blocks In ZenCart

Zen Cart is a very popular open source software. It has been the chosen ecommerce solution since a very long time indeed. It is simple to use and is user friendly hence even a novice can work his way around Zen Cart and setup a shopping cart. However it is true that for the more complicated feature like customizing the Zen Cart or adding features so that it is unique and stands out from the rest of the Shopping Carts out there you will need to do a little bit of programming. Thus it would be best to hire a Zen Cart Web developer to do that job. It is possible to configure the Zen Cart [...]    Read More

Edit the Zencart slider images in the Coin slider

Zen Cart is an open source, e-commerce software. Zen Cart is free to download and setup by any one. It is also possible to change the layout of the website with the help of a template. By simply installing a template the entire theme of the website changes without writing a single line of code. This template could be either free or have to be purchased based on your selection. Once set up and installed either by you or with the help of a Zen Cart Web Development Company in India or may be some other place it is possible to start adding the products. It is also possible to add the product [...]    Read More

How to Create Multiple Product images with Zen Cart

Zen Cart is available as a free download; it is open source ecommerce software; which is very popular ecommerce platform that has been around since a long time. It is well trusted and implemented by a lot of companies as their ecommerce solution. Zen Cart shopping cart owners usually like to have their own design for their store front. It is quite simple to install a Zen Cart with a readymade template by simply following the instructions. Making your own customized template is another ball game all together. It requires the expert hands of a web designer to make a good design suitable for [...]    Read More