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WordPress is a very versatile software and further more it is open source and free for just anyone to download and install. It has many different applications; for example you could use it as a blog, a content management system or even an ecommerce store. What makes WordPress so versatile…[...]
Favicon is the small icon that appears next to the URL of your website in the address bar of the browser when you load you website. Very few people know that it actually is short for 'Favourites Icon'. In addition to be used on the browser it is also used…[...]
You may have the need to change the pre-existing rigid styles of your widget or even add new ones. Making such changes is not really a walk in the park in the sense that it is not intuitive. It is in fact hard to perform this task without consulting some…[...]
WordPress does not have a contact form option by default. Although it is very easy to use a plugin in order to make a contact form for your website. There are several different plugins available to do the job. Contact Form 7 is one such plugin that is available to…[...]
WordPress is a highly versatile software. It is a blogging software but it is much more than that. It is a software that is free to download and install by anyone. You can use it for enumerable different applications as well. For example it can used as a blog, a…[...]