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Archive for Wordpress Web Development

Prepare your WordPress websites for Facebook Instant Articles

Introduction to Facebook Instant Articles Facebook Instant Articles is one of the more recently launched features by Facebook. This is used for collaborating news and content publishers. A publisher can select one of the articles to publish. This article once published is available on Facebook for people to view. Here are a few facts about Facebook Instant articles: Facebook is prepared to give 100 percent of the ad revenue to the publishers if they sell the add. In the case where the ad is sold through Facebook network, Facebook takes only 30 percent. The Publisher controls their Instant [...]    Read More

Tips to create the perfect WordPress theme

Preparing a theme for a open source software like WordPress or Zen Cart or Magento is similar to making a layout or template for website. The aim for both is the same which is to create the website design however when it comes to creating it for a open source software like WordPress the design will be integrated along with the WordPress structure rather than remain a standalone design. This also affects the way in which the design is created. There are usually no restrictions when creating a design for a simple website or a core PHP website. Although there are no restriction when creating [...]    Read More

Pros and Cons of a WordPress Website

If you have a business it is a good idea to maintain a blog and WordPress is the perfect choice for the Blog. But that’s not all, WordPress is also a good option for making the entire website, since it is also a very good content management system. The advantages of using WordPress (Pros): Open Source: WordPress is open source software which means many users have the ability to share developing time, and use code that already exists to save time. In addition to which since WordPress is very popular there are already a lot of resources and add-ons available. Simplicity: You do not need to [...]    Read More

Where does Drupal stand in the war of the CMS

  When it comes to making a CMS there are three names that come to the mind first. They are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. Each of these CMS web development began in a small way and have gone ahead to become really huge. Drupal was started by a student by the name Dries Buytaert of the University of Antwerp as early as 2000. He started a small news site with a built in web board to allow a group of friends to communicate within themselves and leave messages. Later after graduation in 2001 Dries released the software as Drupal. As for WordPress it was not even a CMS to start with. It [...]    Read More

WordPress – A trip down memory lane!

    WordPress was released a long time ago in 2003 when the open source platform was still evolving. Needless to say that in the past 10 odd years nothing has remained the same. There have been advances in just about every minor elements relating to web development. We have seen many new open source platforms become available some better than those existed. While many of the existing open source platforms when through some massive changes and have evolved beyond imagination. WordPress is one open source software that is no exception. WordPress too has evolved and matured and is [...]    Read More