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Pros and cons of Web designers and developers working together

When it comes to the development of a website in most cases there will be a development team working on project and not an individual designer or developer. For a large number of websites it likely to a web designer and a web developer doing most of the work. In addition to which depending on the requirements of the client there may even be additional members on the team for graphic design and content writing. The most intuitive method for a team to work on a website would be to do it together. However it is not correct to take this for granted since this is often not the case. It often [...]    Read More

A guide to help decide which type of website is best for you

  A website is important for any business, it is very effective medium to communicate and reach out the masses. But since you are reading this article I don’t think I need to convince you that it is important to have a website. Instead, I intend to guide you while you make the important decision on which type of website you require. It is really quite simple and once you have your business objectives clearly laid out along with the possible options, you will feel the same way. Knowing the type of website you need: There are many different kinds of website possible, right here [...]    Read More

The cost of a decent website in 2014

  Like every things else the development and maintenance of a website also comes at a cost. And also like everything else you are bound to find that when it comes to the cost of developing a website the cost it is different everywhere. Hence for example if you were to compare the cost of developer a website locally in USA it might be on the higher end. But at the same time, that very same website may not cost as much in another country like India. The main components of a Website and their cost: A Website in general has a few things to it and their cost is fixed and some have a [...]    Read More

Things you should take care after website redesign

  If you are one of the people who have taken the important decision to redesign your website and have completed the transformation and now have a completely new website, there are few more tasks to do before you completely relax and pop that bottle of champagne. To start with you it is vital that you monitor you website traffic. There are several tools to do this that can give you a detailed analysis, Google Analytics being one of them. In the rare case that your website traffic has been affected in a negative manner then there are several things that you should revisit as listed [...]    Read More

List of things to check prior to opting to outsource Web Development

Outsourcing work has been the way of the world since as long as we can think back. Outsourcing work to India is popular in many different business sectors and is usually successful and fruitful, software development is one such sector. Website development and design is a field in which outsourcing is very popular. There are many different firms and business out there with many different requirements. It often happens that a firm starts out building their own website with the aim of establishing their web presence. These are usually one page websites made without any design effort. It is [...]    Read More