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Archive for Website Design

The basic principles of UX Design

UX Design has a broad meaning and is essentially User Experience Design or Interaction Design and User Interface design. This is mainly centered on the design preferences of the organizations however they are developed keeping in mind the user and as to how the user will react and be influenced by the type of design technique and style they choose. This is mean to provide a richer and more meaningful experience for the end user. What is User Experience Design? UX Design or User Experience Design as defined above is all about designing in order to ensure a good user experience. The user [...]    Read More

New Web Design trends popping up that will be popular by the end of 2015 and in 2016

The end of the year approaching fast and this year (2015) has been a one in which the main focus of the website designers has been on responsive design. This is quite understandable since there has been a steady increase in the number of mobile Internet users in the past 5 years. In fact the number of mobile Internet users have exceeded those from any other platform this year (2015). This is a very important statistic for every business and web development firm. Here are a few statistics that make it all very clear: In 2007 the number of mobile Internet users were 400 Million. In 2007 the [...]    Read More

Significance of web credibility assessment

The Internet has two good properties, there is a lot of content about several topics on the Internet and it is also easy to access the Internet. This is even more true since now there are more users on the Internet that are using their mobile devices. This coupled with the fact that there are a increased number of smart phone users and thus more people accessing the Internet means there is content from many sources. It has thus become almost second nature to look up any issue or inquire about some fact on the Internet that many of us tend to believe just about any that we find on the [...]    Read More

The importance of testing prior to release of a Website

In general it is a good idea to test just about everything prior to release; no matter what the item or service that is being offered. Since there are other users or visitors involved it is necessary to uphold a certain level of quality at all times. Making sure the what you are offering is of good quality (does not have to be the best) and free of issues is essential and beneficial for both the firm and the consumer. Since failing to do so would mean neither will the consumer be satisfied and the firm would have to go back to the drawing board. Significance of testing (via brief [...]    Read More

A few Practical Website Tips

When it comes to a website there are several small elements that make a good website. However the main two elements are the Website Design and Website Development. One cannot do without the other. A website with poor design will not be able to grab the attention of the visitor. For the few who do surf your website, will shift to another one in less than 3 minutes once they find it difficult to use because of the poor design. At the same if the functionality of the website is not up to the mark the website essentially does not serve the purpose. Hence although it is important to have a [...]    Read More