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  PHP is one of the most popular languages when it comes to web development. As per the statistics available online, PHP is the most popular programming language for Web Development, followed by ASP.NET and Java. [Coutesy : https://w3techs.com/technologies/details/pl-php/all/all]. Here is a short list of popular websites that have been…[...]
PHP is one of the most popular programming languages when it comes to web development. There are several content management systems (CMS), and MVC frameworks that have been developed using PHP. Laravel is one of the frameworks that has been developed using PHP as the base programming language. Laravel is…[...]
Laravel is a PHP framework that is free and developed as a open source framework. It utilizes the MVC structure. Laravel has grown rapidly since it was launched to become on of the most popular PHP frameworks. Laravel implements Object oriented concepts with the help of the basic OOPS features…[...]
With more number of people and businesses having an online presence it is essential that they are aware that the websites need to be kept secure as well. Many websites are found vulnerable and the main reason is that they are unaware of the need to keep them more secure.…[...]
  There are many types of websites like ecommerce website, static website, content management system (CMS), blog, etc. Each one of them is unique and has a unique purpose too. A content management system can be thought of an administrative software system which helps to organise all your content, be…[...]