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There is more to website re-design that meets the eye

   Redesigning your website may be a good decision and may in fact be necessary especially if your existing website was built in the stone ages. The reason being that the trends have changed and so has the technology and there are issues pertaining to security that need to be considered as well. The bottom line is that redesigning a website is a big deal and the fact that many organizations do not realise is that they often end up worse off from where they started. This is quite common while redesigning a website without conducting any analysis and having no correct method or plan. [...]    Read More

Being prepared – When your websites is hacked.

  Websites are often infected with Malware which by means is good for business. Malware will cause for warning to appear on your website when it is loaded and at times it is also affect the SEO ranking of your website. In fact many browsers will refuse to open it in the first place. Hence it is always necessary to take preventive measures and prevent your website  from being hacked. It may not be possible to make a website completely hack proof however there are steps you can take to make the job of hacking your website a bit harder. WordPress website are quite vulnerable and in [...]    Read More

The Check list to refer to prior to redesigning your website

  Taking the decision to redesign your website not an easy one. There are many factors for you to consider, the most common reasons that one redesigns their website are: New content (like products) require a new layout. Change in technology – upgrading of the software version. Keep up with the changing design trends Add more functionality to the website By popular demand of the users However deciding to redesign is only part of the issue. Since once you do decide to redesign you are faced with several other issues. There are several factors that you will need to consider prior to going [...]    Read More

The cost of a decent website in 2014

  Like every things else the development and maintenance of a website also comes at a cost. And also like everything else you are bound to find that when it comes to the cost of developing a website the cost it is different everywhere. Hence for example if you were to compare the cost of developer a website locally in USA it might be on the higher end. But at the same time, that very same website may not cost as much in another country like India. The main components of a Website and their cost: A Website in general has a few things to it and their cost is fixed and some have a [...]    Read More

Website Layout 101

  The development of a website has several phases and it has even more phases if the website has complex functionality. In general the process of making a website includes., The gathering of requirements Making of the layout (website design) Adding the necessary functionality. Each of these phases are equally important. When it comes to making the website layout the web designer’s task is to take in the client’s requirements into consideration and at the same time design the layout such that it is in keeping with the current trends. A client will usually request a choice [...]    Read More