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Things you should take care after website redesign

  If you are one of the people who have taken the important decision to redesign your website and have completed the transformation and now have a completely new website, there are few more tasks to do before you completely relax and pop that bottle of champagne. To start with you it is vital that you monitor you website traffic. There are several tools to do this that can give you a detailed analysis, Google Analytics being one of them. In the rare case that your website traffic has been affected in a negative manner then there are several things that you should revisit as listed [...]    Read More

List of simple design mistakes to avoid

The number of website being build day in and day out  are on the rise. Although it is necessary to have a smashing design supported with great functionality it is also essential to have a website that is free of the common mistakes that the website designers tend to make. The visitors may overlook the design as far as the website is functional but they are not too kind on websites design that make some of the most common and basic mistakes. Here is a list of some of the common mistakes the web designer’s make: Accessibility:  Accessibility of the website is of utmost importance. The [...]    Read More

Why should create a Mobile Friendly Website

A website is deemed essential for a business of almost any kind these days. But is it enough to be available to the visitors that are using a computer or a laptop to access the internet. The answer as you may have guessed is “no”. The times have changed drastically since the advent of the mobile phone. There are many mobile devices available in the market with varying price range and affordability than can be used to access the Internet. As per the consumer statistics the smart phone market is developing at a much faster pace as compared to the PC market which was not the case [...]    Read More

List of things to check prior to opting to outsource Web Development

Outsourcing work has been the way of the world since as long as we can think back. Outsourcing work to India is popular in many different business sectors and is usually successful and fruitful, software development is one such sector. Website development and design is a field in which outsourcing is very popular. There are many different firms and business out there with many different requirements. It often happens that a firm starts out building their own website with the aim of establishing their web presence. These are usually one page websites made without any design effort. It is [...]    Read More

Responsive Images – The Picture Element

Responsive web design (RWD) is an innovative solution to the big problem of having to design a different website for every other platform. The problem is even bigger now, with the number of different types of internet device on the constant rise. However, responsive web design is aimed at providing. The website with knowledge to deal with almost all of the different devices like desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet , etc. The way it works is that it adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, flexible images proportion based grids as well CSS3 media quires to [...]    Read More