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Every firm is bound to have some or the other process they follow when designing their website. They may be using a professional approach by using wireframes, mock-ups and prototyping or they may be even have a more freelance approach by getting down to providing the design right away. On…[...]
When it comes to animation on the Website not many options come close to Flash. Flash was thus being used for animation since a long time. This was true till even 5 years ago; but the factors like compatibility and acceptance slowly began to work against flash till it was…[...]
If you are already have a website and are enjoying the benefits to only thing that can be bothering you if your website is still good enough. Frequent Website redesign of a website is common amongst those who wish to like to keep with the current trends and technology. Then…[...]
A Content Management System software that as the name suggests manages the content. To the visitor it will appear like any plain website however the administrator of a content management system (CMS) website has the ability to manage all the content of the website via a nice interface from the…[...]
Website audit is useful in several situations; it can come in handy while you are in the process of developing your website and it can also be useful if you want an assessment of your existing website. A website audit can be customized to check every section of the website…[...]