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Archive for Web Design

The Website facts and stats for 2015 and what it means for your business

While surfing the Internet or reading an article pertaining to website design we often come across some facts and statistics in the article. What do the website statistics really mean and how is it going to affect your business? These are the common questions that would pop up in your mind to start with. However the most important question is the source of these statistics. There are many websites with statistics but it is necessary to make sure that these statistics are coming from a genuine source. This article is all about helping the organization willing to develop or launch their new [...]    Read More

What is well balanced website design – Balancing the text and graphic elements on a website

The combination of content and graphic elements and creativity that is displayed on your website make a big difference. There is a invisible line between what the website visitors will accept and what they won’t. Even the statistics collected state the same. The statistics collected from ‘Kinesis inc.’ clearly show that how once the page loads the user will form an opinion about the website in .05 seconds. This is a very short time and it is the job of the designer to make sure the visitor stays on your page; In order to do so the designer will have to make sure there [...]    Read More

Steps to take to optimize the website design

In the highly competitive world of web design, it is necessary to have the upper edge using some unique technique of some kind. This can be a design element that catches the eye or simply optimization of your existing design. Here are a few points to help you take the necessary steps towards optimizing your website in the right direction. The Logo: The logo is a very important element of your website from the marketing perspective. This applies equally to both conventional marketing as well as digital marketing like SEO. The logo is generally located in the header area of your website and [...]    Read More

The pros and cons of opting for a website design with infinite scrolling

Web design techniques have evolved a lot over the years. There are some design techniques that have taken a complete ‘U-turn’ from their stance a few years ago. The first page or home page of a website as many call it has gone through a great number of design changes over the years. To start with the first page used to be the page with all the links and all the graphic elements that the designer could concoct. However with loading times being a factor in the success of a website this rapidly changed and the home page was designed with only the necessary navigation bar and a [...]    Read More

The concept of invisible design

A website that is well designed tends to be accepted by a larger number of people although it does also need to have the appropriate functionality to support it. Thus the obvious question in the minds of many is what constitutes as a good design. A good design is that which is easy to use, content that does not hurt the eyes. It is as website that encourages to interact with itself and doesn’t make the user think too much to find simple thinks. Such websites are designed so that everything can intuitively found. It is a design where everything simply works. Such a website encourages [...]    Read More