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It is important to gain the trust of the website visitors and users via a good website design. The users tend to make a quick decision of the interface based on its appearance and that plays a crucial role in on their overall view of the website. It is easy…[...]
In 2013 we saw Indian web design companies and even those around the world making special use of color in their web design. The basic color palette was revived with a twist. Here are a few of the biggest color trends as far as website design is concerned in 2013.…[...]
With the introduction of HTML5 many things have changed. The way we used to do things in HTML5 has changed as well as many new features have been introduced. Below is a list of some of the top features. New Doctype: What better place to start of this article about…[...]
When you are planning to set up your business online, then you must think of a good quality website with you to help you out. This is because, if you have an official website of yours for your business, then you can launch products there, sell it there and can…[...]