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Website design – Case Study

The World Wide Web has changed forever since more number of businesses choose the online website route to make their business available to the Internet Users. There has a massive leap in the number of Internet users recently. At the same time the number of Mobile Internet users have risen up rapidly to surpass the PC Internet users by a big margin. Hence it no big surprise that there are now many firms and organizations around the world looking to make a website for themselves or update their existing one to make it more appealing and keeping with times. This is the case study of one of [...]    Read More

Time Perception and it’s influence on web design

Time plays a crucial role in every aspect of our life and to be able to control or use it to our advantage would make a world of difference. Although this is a subject that is hard to put into words and it is more of something that once you experience you realise an effort has been made here to describe a new perception. Timing makes all the difference from when the visitor load the page and waits for it to load to the time it take to perform the search function on the website. The users these days do not have a lot of patience and hence the websites do not have an option but to keep up [...]    Read More

Is the world of website design saturated or is there more to expect in 2016?

There are a lot of businesses who already have their websites and are contemplating whether they need to update them or not. Some businesses may have their websites developed more than 5 years ago while some with-in the last 2 years. Then there are also the businesses who have still to venture into the world of the Internet where everything is connected. Either way a lot has changed since you last read an article about the new Internet and how effective it is. It has changed for the better with more number of people now staying connected via the Internet and more number of people [...]    Read More

Where does Web Design stand against UX Design?

User experience design (UXD or UX Design) is actually process of improving the use satisfaction. This is mainly done by improving the usability, accessibility and overall browsing experience when visiting the website or a webpage. This is the process of incorporating the traditional website design often referred to as human computer interaction (HCI) and include other aspects like those of the product and service being offered to improve the overall usability. UX Design is more about the user experience and thus has a lot to do with the human factors and ergonomics .The main elements of [...]    Read More

The safe and successful website or newsletter with the right typography

When it comes to web typography in terms of website design, this is arguably one of the most untouched elements of website design. Considering that website design constitutes of several elements like basic website design or layout, the content, the functionality, the fonts and even the graphic elements. Having had the good fortune to be a part of several development teams and witnessing several development models it is safe to say the importance level of the typography is not anywhere close to the importance the graphic elements, design or even content for that matter. However there are [...]    Read More