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What is SharePoint? How it helps to my business?

In an ideal world the office collaboration takes place in one room and under one roof with all the team members always present so that there is no delay or confusion of any kind. But we don’t live in an ideal world do we. What fortune 500 companies say about SharePoint… We live in a world where things are spread out across the globe especially businesses. They are spread out across many cities, countries and even continents. This makes it impossible for a conference to take place under one roof. Thus businesses look for the ideal solution to there not so ideal problem. Microsoft has [...]    Read More

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 – What Microsoft gave us in this version

Last year (2013) saw the release of Microsoft’s new version of SharePoint, SharePoint 2013. Though many have realized the advantages of migrating to SharePoint 2013 from the previous versions like SharePoint 2010 or earlier SharePoint versions, there are still many people who are vary and unsure about the new features that Microsoft has to offer. Image Courtesy: In addition to which there are those who need that little push or nudge to select Microsoft SharePoint 2013 as their solution provider for their upcoming or existing project or requirement. The fact of the [...]    Read More