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Digital Marketing and Social Media in general

I have made a shot list to give you a brief overview of what Digital Marketing includes (this is not the complete list): Link Building Ringtones for call back or hold eBooks Games Optical Disks SMS – Short Message Service MMS – Multimedia Message Service SEO – Search Engine Optimisation SEM – Search Engine Marketing Hence from SEO to television, everything is included under Digital Marketing. That said there have been changes in what services are provided by several Digital Marketing firms. The updates made by Google to the search engine algorithm recently has resulted in stricter rules [...]    Read More

A list of reasons why a website is not ranking good

A website can have bad ranking for several reasons and to make it more complicated Google also updates their search engine algorithm every often. Thus, with so many factors to consider it can become quite hard to figure what is hurting your website when it comes to the ranking despite all your efforts to correct it. The home page itself: The home page of the website is the engine that drives all the pages. It helps the visitors gain information about the website. But more importantly it helps the Search engines “Spiders” that crawl your website to index it. Thus if the front page itself [...]    Read More

Being found easily and making the most of it

A search engine friendly website is a website which that follows all the rules that a search engine has laid out. This rules can be pertaining to the design, development, programming or even content. At times this is misleading since at the time of the development the website is not made for the search engines but instead for the users. However the website can be later optimised to allow search engines to find it faster. Thus to get a better idea of how to go about optimising your website to make it Search Engine Friendly (SEF) there are few tips: Adding Text to everything: It is a good [...]    Read More

How you can boost your content strategy?

Content strategy doesn’t sound all that hard a task from a distance. But when one actually begins the planning and realized how many different factors are involved; they will have a different story to tell. In fact you soon be deep down completing all the tasks as a part of your own strategy. Thus here are a few tips that will help you put all things into perspective and make sure you are spending the right amount of time on the right tasks. Basic Content Strategy: The task of the content strategist is not easy. To start with there are several factors relating to content type he needs to [...]    Read More

The Google Penguin Algorithm – The interpretation and what it means in 2015

The Google Search Engine is by the most popular search engine of them all. The title of the King of Search Engines goes to Google even in 2015 as it has been in the recent years. As the famous saying goes “With great power comes great responsibility – Voltaire”. Thus there is a great responsibility on Google’s able shoulders to provide it’s visitors with good quality search results which it does with flying colors. But being responsible in this case means making their search algorithm very strict and penalizing defaulters as well. Thus it comes at a cost. They implement their unbiased [...]    Read More