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Essential SEO tips for Web Developer

For just about any business developing their website, one of the most important factors when selecting a web development firm is to verify the technical abilities of the firm and the amount of resources that the firm can devote to them. However it is also essential to make sure the web development firm follows good web development practices that will also go a long way towards benefiting the website in terms of SEO management. The importance of optimizing a website from the SEO perspective cannot be stressed enough. This is of more importance when developing a website since the website [...]    Read More

A must read for all marketing start-ups – Tips for SEO in 2015

The scenario for a marketing start-up in 2015 is completely different than it was before. This applies to even the two year old start-ups since even then the things were quire different. On the whole, SEO has changed a great deal in the last 10 years, and it has changed for the better of the Internet, the visitors and other concerned as well. It may mean that it is no longer feasible to use underhanded techniques or black SEO to get to the top of the SEO rankings but it is for the better of the Internet. Hence this new look search engine algorithms from Google and several other search [...]    Read More

Top list of links where link building is safe for SEO

While link building (mainly inbound links) are good for you website from the SEO perspective it is also a major task for most SEO professionals do find the right kind of links where it is safe to do so. It is similar to a “catch-22″ situation where one side it is highly beneficial to have inbound links but on the other hand even one bad link means being penalised for weeks or months together. However since inbound links can increase your chance of a better ranking on the search engine results almost all SEO professionals follow the dangerous trail up to link building where one [...]    Read More

Online Marketing Metrics that make a difference

When it comes to digital marketing services, online marketing plays a big role in driving the marketing strategy. Here are some of the marketing terms you may be familiar with: PPC Marketing SEO / Content marketing Social Media Marketing These are simply few of the Internet marketing channels, whoever what most digital marketing executives desire is what marketing matrices really matter. It is one thing to have innovative marketing strategies that suit you business and those which are in keeping current trends and it is another thing all together to figure out what really matters. [...]    Read More

How Link Building Has Changed from what it was before 2010

As a software developer working on mainly desktop applications in Australia, 2000 was the year that witnessed many recruitment’s in the IT field and most of them were due to the Millennium bug scare. Those were the time when desktop applications where more popular than any online service or software on the Internet. It was around this time that I attended an exhibition event that was arranged in Melbourne, Australia. The topic was “Microsoft ASP” and it highlighted all things about the Internet and also mentioned the concept of free software and per transaction charges. It was clear [...]    Read More