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Archive for Responsive Website Design

How mobile friendly responsive design helps ?

Midway through the year and almost all the predictions about the year 2015 have come true. One important and more relevant prediction being that the total number of mobile internet users will increase and be higher than that on any other platform has come true. The recent statistics clearly show that there are more mobile phone Internet users than on any other platform. This has influenced the new website design in a very big way. A great many of the website being developed so far were using the responsive design. However as predicted a larger number of businesses were opting for the [...]    Read More

Provide a better Website experience with Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design opens many doors by allowing dynamic changes to basic structure and layout of your website. These changes occur based on the size and resolution and orientation of the screen. Thus responsive web design (RWD) has the ability to solve the issue of creating multiple websites for multiple platforms. It does this by allowing us to create just one common website for all platforms and dynamically changing the appearance as seemed fit to the respective devices be it a desktop PC or a mobile device of any size. Creating a wonderful experience: There was time when content was [...]    Read More

Is Responsive Web Design the solution for good content presentation and good performance

Responsive Website Design has grown in popularity in recent times and has become one of the main solutions to combat the issue of having a website look good on multiple platforms. The fact that the number of mobile Internet users have surpassed those on other devices like desktop PC is a strong sign of things to come in the future. Hence no business can afford to ignore the likely scenario in the future where more number of people being using the Internet and that too on their mobile devices. That said the main aim of a website besides having a fancy design and making sure that it has all [...]    Read More

Responsive Web Design Strategies

Responsive Web Design was introduced into the world of web design a few years ago and it is due to the introduction of a new device to surf the Internet (a mobile device). The only Web Design issues prior to responsive design was that of browser compatibility but with the introduction of mobile devices there came the need for platform compatibility as well. It is not just an small issue any more but a necessity. The reason being that an increasing number of people are now using a mobile device to access the Internet. As per the statistics published on the Internet the number of mobile [...]    Read More

Responsive web design vs. adaptive web design

Web design has changed for good says the statistics mentioned below: Mobile Phone penetration worldwide is at 48.9% Mobile share of organic search engine visits in the US alone is 31% Use of mobile devices for product search is at 34% ecommerce over the mobile device in the US alone is at $83.93 billion. [Image Courtesy :] With statistics like these and the fact that this year, 2015 is the year that the number of mobile internet users become higher than the internet users from any other platform; the websites being developed can simply not afford to ignore this trend. [...]    Read More