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Archive for Prestashop Web Development

Manage the Number of Category levels in the PrestaShop Categories Menu

PrestaShop which can be downloaded for free is a ecommerce software. There have been many ecommerce software floating around however, PrestaShop is fairly new and is attracting an amazing number of followers. It has already become favourite of many business around the world and it’s popularity continues to grow. PrestaShop has also something else to be proud about and that is the fact that it has won the award for being the best open source business CMS for two consecutive years, which is quite the achievement. In addition to which PrestaShop has on offer a good user interface that [...]    Read More

TM Nivo Slider For PrestaShop Explained

This Article gives you information about below: 1. Tm nivo slider 1.4 prestashop 2. Tm nivo slider PrestaShop is an ecommerce software and it is free to download. This ecommerce software was released more recently compared to the other ones that have been around since a while. PrestaShop has already proved itself in a short period of time to become the chosen one of many companies and businesses across the globe. This is due to the many unique feature that is has to offer. Many of the basic features can be installed by the user itself and some minor customization can also be done easily. [...]    Read More

Changing Default Product listing View in PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a very popular e-commerce software which is open source and is free to download from their website. It has a lot of features and modules to offer many which come along with basic installation. PrestaShop like any other shopping cart solution offers many basic features though PrestaShop goes one step ahead and has also included many additional features. Besides the many other features PrestaShop has a powerful search feature. It is also possible to customize PrestaShop to add unique features, although that would require the help of a PrestaShop web developer. The default [...]    Read More

How to Install a template in PrestaShop

PrestaShop is open source software available as free download from their website. The method of installing PrestaShop is quite simple and so is a new template as described here. However there are some things that are best left of a professional hence you would probably require to hire a PrestaShop Developer if any customization was required. The following steps are involved in the installation of a template in PrestaShop. Your first need to download the PrestaShop files from the website of PrestaShop. The link to download the files here. This will be one compressed file. You then need to [...]    Read More

PrestaShop – Getting the new version

PrestaShop is extremely popular ecommerce software. It is also open source and free to download. PrestaShop is popular numerous reasons like a good user interface, etc. although one of the important features is that there are many modules or feature pre installed in the basic version of PrestaShop. Thus making it very easy for the average user to just download and install the shopping cart for their use. It is common for many shop owners to want a custom layout or theme for their online shop so that it stands out from the other ones. There are themes available for download from websites [...]    Read More