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Archive for PHP Web Development

PHP Web Development Process

The Web Development Process involves many stages right from design to development. There are also several other tasks involved that support the Web Development process. A lot of planning and analysis is involved prior to the start of the actual development of the project. The development process also includes documentation, testing and maintenance.   Development Process It is important to understand what the website is all about prior to the start of the development process. For example, the website may be an eCommerce website, however it is important to be aware of what kind of [...]    Read More

Website Performance For Website Developed Using Core PHP vs PHP framework

A large percent of the websites online, have been developed using PHP. The websites can be developed using either core PHP, a PHP framework or an open source software in PHP. Core PHP involves programming using basic PHP functions while PHP framework involves using a framework with several modules. Since it has several common modules like that for authentication etc., hence it reduces the coding tasks for the web developer.     Advantages of developing website using a PHP Framework   1. There are many PHP frameworks available and almost all of them would have been tested [...]    Read More

8 Must-Have PHP Quality Assurance Tools

It is a good idea to test your code prior to delivering the final project. It is quite common there to be bugs in the code due to errors of some kind. Hence, testing the code prior to release is a must. Here are a few quality assurance tools that can be used for a before hiring PHP developer. – PHPUnit: PHPUnit is a popular framework for testing a website project developed using the language PHP. It is based on the xUnit architecture for unit testing. PHPUnit has been designed to be able to find the bugs in the code quickly and easily. By making use of specific units it is possible [...]    Read More

New Woo commerce Plugin allows any WordPress Site Owner to Accept XRP Payments

Ripple and XRP together cannot be easy to put by any means. The transfer of the digital asset like Bitcoin is not designed by any buccaneer claiming to be a developer. Everything good today in the XRP transfer arena is accredited to a new Woo commerce Ripple Gateway plugin that the traditional situation is certain to change sooner or later. That is why it is extremely beneficial to be able to process XRP payments through a WordPress site – who can do this better than hiring the best and dedicated developers of India! Those who have done it will know how difficult it is to make and [...]    Read More

Ways of Securing a WordPress Website from Hackers

It is a proven fact that WordPress is the preferred CMS (Content Management System), all around the world. Tens of millions of users use WordPress for personal reasons or for conducting their business. The platform’s potential longevity is unquestionable. Despite being so popular, WordPress continues to have weaknesses like concealed passages, disavowal of service, malevolent redirects, etc. Protection against hackers remains a major issue. This subject of security has been thoroughly discussed by professionals engaged in professional WordPress development past 1-2 years. Here are some [...]    Read More