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Archive for mobile apps development

Simplifying game development with Unity

Game development has always been the task of highly skilled and professional people with a big budget for high end gear and software. Hence when someone or a firm considers approaching someone with their idea for a game, they will generally pick a well-established software or gaming firm. A large number of games developed today are multi-platform and developed using the multiplatform expert too called ‘Unity’. Unity is a game development tool that allows to develop a game in one platform and then port to various other platforms. The basic Unity platform has free plugins for both Android [...]    Read More

Do iOS apps still have the upper edge over Android Apps ?

  Historically iOS apps have been better than the Android ones. The Android apps have been playing catch up since quite a while, at the same time the Apple devices already had an operating system that was feature rich hence the apps were full with feature too. This not the case now since there are a great many devices that do support the Android Operating system and as a mobile OS, the Android Operating System is now also packed with great many features. Here are a few facts and information about the two major mobile operating systems that still hold true. How iOS apps and Android apps [...]    Read More

Mobile apps development trends based on the evolving nature of how we use our mobile.

  The world of mobile apps is advancing at a lighting pace. The mobile device has in many ways replaced several other devices and also changed our lifestyle to some extent. With more number of people now using smart phones and mobile devices that are capable of smart functions, the average user has a great deal of power in their hands. There are now mobile apps for just about everything like shopping, ordering food, managing your finances, hailing a cab, making new friends, finding your soulmate and more. The fact that a mobile device is capable of doing so much has changed the way [...]    Read More

What makes a good Unity developer?

Unity 3D is a very powerful games development software that is cross platform, user friendly, has low learning curve and does not demand a very high level of technical knowledge for the simple things. Thus the important question is what does it take to make a good multi-platform game using unity. Thus here is a break-down of the various skill levels and Unity 3D development. No Programming experience: It is possible to develop a game in Unity 3D without actually writing any programming code yourself. There are plenty of websites on the Internet which a long list scripts that are ready to [...]    Read More

How An App Is Created And What Are The Latest App Development Software?

The digital gaming industry has always been very big. With the increasing use of mobile devices, the demand for mobile games has increased many fold. Thus, it is little surprise that there are now a large number of mobile gaming apps available both, on the Android’s Google Play store as well as the Apple Store. The process in brief: There are a few main processes that define the Android and iPhone Application Development Services of creating a mobile game. This is explained in brief here. The Game Concept: A game is something that entertains everyone. The games are often developed by the [...]    Read More