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Archive for mobile apps development

How A/B Split Testing Help You On Android Mobile Application?

Mobile App A/B testing is all about testing a mobile app that has been developed. As the name suggests it is to do with testing, but not in the conventional way. This is more to do with acceptance testing than testing the correctness of the application. The way it works is that several users are selected to test the application. These users are given a different version of the application to test. The goals for each version are set prior to the test. At the end of the test the version that best meets the goals is selected.   It is easier to explain this with the help of an example. [...]    Read More

Mobile App development on Android or iOS (Apple) – What is the difference

Mobile Application development still remains a hot topic. As the number of smart phones continue to increase and more number of people using the Internet on their devices also growing in numbers; it is more important than ever before for every business to have a mobile app of their own. This applies to all kinds of businesses whether it is an ecommerce store app or a simple product catalogue or a simple informational app. When it comes to mobile application development there are two main types, the Android apps and the Apple (iOS) apps. Introduction to mobile app development: All Apple [...]    Read More

Introduction to cross platform development and the tools

  The gaming industry is very different from what it used to be when it started out approximately 30 years ago. From a simple game of bricks or a racing game on a monochromatic monitor to 3D game right on the desktop and on your mobile devices, the gaming industry has changed in leaps and bounds. It continues to make waves with new devices and new game control tools.  As a gamer, the experience of playing a game has changed completely. The Internet has also played a very big role in bringing games together on multiple platforms like the special game boxes, personal computer and even [...]    Read More

A layman’s perspective of what is Unity

Unity 3D is an extremely powerful development platform that is highly flexible and that can be used for the development of 2D as well as 3D games. The games developed with Unity 3D have the added advantage of being multiplatform and also that it is easy for developers to create stunning and interactive games. Main features of Unity 3D Unity 3D is a very feature rich package that has plenty of tools that are required to build a good game on just about any platform. Thus it goes without saying that the people behind Unity 3D are relentlessly improving the software and adding more platforms [...]    Read More

Simplifying game development with Unity

Game development has always been the task of highly skilled and professional people with a big budget for high end gear and software. Hence when someone or a firm considers approaching someone with their idea for a game, they will generally pick a well-established software or gaming firm. A large number of games developed today are multi-platform and developed using the multiplatform expert too called ‘Unity’. Unity is a game development tool that allows to develop a game in one platform and then port to various other platforms. The basic Unity platform has free plugins for both Android [...]    Read More