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Archive for Magento Web Development

Understanding the Magnto Admin Panel

If in need to set up an eCommerce website fast, there is no better option than Magento. Magento is a flexible eCommerce software which is open source and available as a free download. This is a software that has been designed keeping the user in mind. Although it is easy to understand the working of the Magento Admin Panel, it will require some basic knowledge on the workings of an eCommerce website. The Magento Admin Panel – How hard is it to learn When it comes to the Administrative Panel for Magento, almost everyone will feel that it is quite intuitive. It does help to have some [...]    Read More

What should you opt for – Readymade Magento theme or a custom made one?

  Magento is one of the more popular eCommerce softwares available. It is open source and available as a free download from their website. Although Magento is one of the more recently released eCommerce packages, it has quickly become one of the most popular eCommerce software too. The advantages of picking Magento is that it has several in-built features and hence there is little need to add extra modules via the plug-ins available or seek a Magento Developer to help add custom functionality to the website. It is also possible to use one of the many templates that are available [...]    Read More

All need to know about Magento Widgets

Magento is an open source software that is currently being used ecommerce platform by many businesses around the world. Magento was released fairly recently, but rapidly risen in popularity since then. Magento has several built-in features that are usually available only as additional plugins or modules in other ecommerce platforms. In addition to which Magento also allows use of Widgets. Widgets in Magento Widgets are a handy design element for Magento and just about any website. When using Magento, there are many options on how to add a Widget and how to configure it so that they are [...]    Read More

Magento solves the business needs in the highly competitive world ecommerce today

Magento is one of the more popular open source ecommerce platforms for a shopping cart website. This began not very long ago in 2008, however it has changed hands since and is now solely controlled by the ecommerce giant eBay. The fact that ebay is a underdog when it comes to an ecommerce platform has clearly benefit the development and subsequent releases of Magento. Mageneto is now one of the most popular ecommerce platforms and has been for a while. It is one of the few award winning eCommerce platforms around. With a market share of about 30% and rising, it is a good sign that it has [...]    Read More

Creating a simple module in Magento

Magento is arguably one of the most popular open source ecommerce software around today. Magento comes in three different flavors: Magento Go: This is the version that is targeted at small businesses Magento Enterprise Edition: This version is targeted at small to medium businesses. Magento: This version of Magento is free to download and is used by many web development firms to create a  e-commerce solution for their clients. Magento is a very versatile platform with the basic installation providing loads of useful features. One of the main reasons that Magento has grown so popular is [...]    Read More