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Archive for Magento Web Developer

Overview of Magento – The SEO perspective

Magento is a very popular open source software that is used as an e-commerce solution by many different companies around the world. Like every other website an e-commerce website also needs to be search engine friendly so that it can be found easily and the website can benefit from that in the form of new customers. Luckily Magento has many search engine related configurations that if set in the correct manner can work wonders for your website. Since a good search engine ranking is important for most of the e-commerce website I have compiled a few SEO tips if for those using Magento. [...]    Read More

All about the Widgets in Magento

This Article gives you briefly information about below : 1. Widgets in magento tutorial 2. Widgets in magento 1.7 Magento is ecommerce software that is free to download. It is an ecommerce software and is immensely popular. There are many e commerce softwares available out there though none are a popular a Magento. In recent time Magento has been the pick for many small and big businesses around the  world. By itself Magento has many good features and this reduces you the need to install additional modules or plugins. It is not hard to install a Magento extension, though there are some [...]    Read More

Magento – Detailed Features Overview

Magento is an open source ecommerce software and can be downloaded for free from their website. There are three different type of  Magento available of which one is free. Magento Go is the one targeted at small businesses while Magento Enterprise edition is targeted at small to medium size businesses. It is a highly versatile platform to use and the basic installation of Magento provides the users with a great many feature already installed. This is one of the major advantage of choosing Magento. Thus what other ecommerce packages offer as an additional module Magento offers as a core [...]    Read More

Changing the Order of the Blocks (Modules) in Magento

Magento is open source ecommerce software that is available for free download. Magento comes in three different versions and one of them is free to download. Magento has been fairly recently released as compared to the other ones that have been around since a while. Even then it is become one of the most popular ecommerce solutions around. Many large companies and even small companies have chosen Magento as their ecommerce solution. In addition to which Magento is constantly striving to make the already good software better by releasing new versions and point versions which you can [...]    Read More

Managing Static Blocks in Magento

Magento is ecommerce software that can be used to make a shopping cart. It is quite common to want your own design for a Magento shopping cart website. The process of making a new Magento website design though simple may require some graphics as well as programming knowledge and hence if you are totally new to this you may need to hire a Magento Web Developer to do the job. Magento also has the ability to install additional modules besides the many ones already installed. If in case you do want to install a new module it can be done so by getting the key from your normal browse and [...]    Read More