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Archive for Joomla Web Development

Joomla and the menu module ‘mod-superfishmenu’

Joomla is a very versatile software. It is open source and free to download as well.Thus just about anyone can download and install to their own system and make a website of some kind. It is possible to make many different kinds of websites using Joomla. Besides being a very good content management system Joomla can also implemented as a blog. Joomla has special extensions that can used to convert it into a very robust e commerce website. And if you wish to have a magazine or a social networking website then too Joomla is the answer. Joomla provides a very good framework for you to make [...]    Read More

Working with the Display News Module in Joomla

Joomla is a popular open source software that you can download from the internet and install on to your web server. It is a very popular software hence it is likely that your web hosting company has the feature where you install Joomla directly from the control panel saving you the need to download it. Once you have installed Joomla you will need to configure it to suite you requirements. A good place to start with is selecting a template for your website. If you have a customize design in mind then you may have to hire a professional Joomla web developer to help you out with the [...]    Read More

Installing a theme in Joomla

Joomla is a versatile software which is available as a free download from the website. It is an open source software that can be installed by just about any one. It also has a very easy and simple user interface which is an added advantage especially if you are not very IT Savvy. Joomla is a full fledged content management system that needs time to understand. But the good part of it is that it has low learning curve and thus you won’t be spending hours at end trying to find your bearings. Installing Joomla: Once you do install Joomla you will notice that it uses a default template [...]    Read More

Add non clickable menu items to Joomla template

Joomla is a versatile software which is also open source and free to download. Thus if you have approached a professional Joomla web developer for the job of making your website you are usually in safe hands. Alakmalak is one such Joomla web development company. Such Joomla developers are usually aware about the tricks of the trade and capable of setting your website in quick time. On the other hand you do have the option of making your own website since Joomla is a very user friendly software and has a low learning curve too. Either way once you do have you website setup it is highly [...]    Read More

The method of editing Cufon generated fonts in Joomla

  It is highly likely that you haven’t come across the term Cufon as yet. It is mainly to do with website design and thus it is possible that even if you are in the field of web development india but not a web designer you haven’t heard of it. So to cut to the chase; cufon is a text replacement tool. To be more specific cufon is a font replacement tool. The chief use of cufon is to use fonts that are not safe to use on the web and places where you do not want to use an image. Although this may sound like a new concept, font replacement is far from new. The advantage being that [...]    Read More