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Where does Drupal stand in the war of the CMS

  When it comes to making a CMS there are three names that come to the mind first. They are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. Each of these CMS web development began in a small way and have gone ahead to become really huge. Drupal was started by a student by the name Dries Buytaert of the University of Antwerp as early as 2000. He started a small news site with a built in web board to allow a group of friends to communicate within themselves and leave messages. Later after graduation in 2001 Dries released the software as Drupal. As for WordPress it was not even a CMS to start with. It [...]    Read More

Modifying the number of sidebars in Joomla

Joomla is a very versatile open source software that is a free download too. It can be downloaded by just about anyone and installed on their server for just about any type of application. There are innumerable possibilities with Joomla. You can make a simple content management system, a fancy blog or a full-fledged ecommerce website if you wish. It is also create a magazine or a electronic newspaper website using Joomla but I digress. After you do finally install Joomla for whatever website you wish to make you have the option of either selecting a readymade template of getting a custom [...]    Read More

Using special characters in the menu items in Joomla

There are times when you need to include characters to the titles in your menu items. This should be ideally possible. But at times when you do place special characters on the menu they don’t appear correct on the user end. What ends up being displayed is the HTML code of the special character. For example at times when you add the special character ‘&’ what actually appears on the website is ‘&amp’. This is minor issue that has the possibility of destroying the look and feel of your website and hence should not be taken lightly. Thus this issue needs to be solved and it can be [...]    Read More

Favicon with Joomla

This Article gives you briefly information about below : 1. Favicon joomlart templates 2. Favicon joomla extension 3. Favicon joomla plugin Favicon actually means your favorites icon. There are very few of us who actually know that. It is the icon that appears in your browsers favorites menu when you bookmark a website. Though not all browsers have the ability to store the favicon as the favorite icon, most of the modern ones do. This is the icon that appears near the address bar and on your browser when you load the website. It also has the effect of giving you website that professional [...]    Read More

How to use Language Override tools?

Language override tools can be utilized in Joomla by simply following the instructions mentioned here: Consider you have a website with short excerpts of content on the front page. Where there are sort excerpts there are usually ‘read more‘ or ‘learn more‘ buttons. What we are going to do here is to change the ‘learn more’ text using the Language overrides Tool. Go to the admin menu in your Joomla admin and select Extensions >> Language Manager. Here a short menu opens up on the page on the left side. Select the option ‘Overrides‘ and [...]    Read More