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Mobile phones are always handy and quick to access no matter where you are, at home, in the office or on the go. The smartphone available these days have so many features with high processor speeds that even some of the desktop PCs might not have. Thus it is no…[...]
IPhone is one of the most popular mobile phone devices around. With the latest release of iPhone 6, Apple has even broken several sales and marketing records. The statistics speak louder than words: iPhone 6 Sales shattered Apple’s previous Sales Records First weekend iPhone sales topped 10 Million (setting a…[...]
Building a mobile application is not an extremely hard job. This is true for the technology savvy and for those who already have a programming background. The fact is that there has been ginormous leap in the sheer number of mobile devices available in the market. But that isn’t the…[...]
The app design trends change very often especially when there are many changes in the devices themselves and 2015 will be no different. There has been change in the features of the devices as more number of devices are becoming faster and contain more features. This directly affects the Apps…[...]
Many believe that only Steve Jobs knew how to make a good product and deliver to people's expectations. Others believe that Android phones sell more than the Apple devices and that is probably the way forward. Furthermore they believe that Tim Cook may not be able to lead the Apple…[...]