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Archive for iPhone App development

The value and benefits of Customer Feedback for iPhone App Development

A lot of effort goes into the development of a mobile application. This involves designing the mobile application as well establishing a marketing strategy. Hence it requires the effort of a software developer as well strategists who are aware of the behaviour of the targeted audience. It is important to develop a good quality application. However, it is important not concentrate all the effort on development and marketing. It is surprising how much can be learned from a simple feedback form. Giving the opportunity to a customer to provide feedback in the form of submitting a form with a [...]    Read More

iOS App Design and how it has changed over the years

Like every other device the iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, etc have also improved over the years. Although the first iPhone was released 2007 and they wisely did not try to pack a great deal of new features into the new device. Instead of this they spent a great deal of effort in getting the basic and core features and experience of the user right. The result was that they developed a device that had a new operating system at the core, the iOS. This had several good features like multi-touch gestures, mobile safari, visual voice mail and even itunes and maps. At this point time of time [...]    Read More

What is an API and how can it be useful for your business?

An API or an Application Programming Interface as the name suggests is to do with computer programming. An API is highly technical and used only by well experienced programmers to develop their interface. It is usually a small section that fits into their big project. An API will general provide a set of routines, protocols and tools to build a software application. For example an API makes it possible to create applications that are based on the analysis of data collected by a third party application, be it a mobile app or software from some other interface. What is an API and how does [...]    Read More

Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Mobile phones are always handy and quick to access no matter where you are, at home, in the office or on the go. The smartphone available these days have so many features with high processor speeds that even some of the desktop PCs might not have. Thus it is no wonder that more number of people are using mobiles devices instead of the computer. Unlike a computer they do not require to be turned on and booted since the mobile is always on. Unless your job involves working on a computer, it is hardly like that you will have the PC turned on all day. The statistics tell it all: The [...]    Read More

IPhone performance optimization best practices

IPhone is one of the most popular mobile phone devices around. With the latest release of iPhone 6, Apple has even broken several sales and marketing records. The statistics speak louder than words: iPhone 6 Sales shattered Apple’s previous Sales Records First weekend iPhone sales topped 10 Million (setting a new record). With the sales of the iPhone 6, Apple posted the third quarter profits (2014) of $18 billion, thus breaking the previous record set by Oil companies like Exxon Mobile and Gazprom. These statistics further confirm the continued popularity of one of the best smart phones [...]    Read More