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Justifying the comparatively high cost for iPhone App Development

iPhone app developmentis in high demand these days. The number new apps in the Apple store is also on the rise. There are several kinds of apps available, those for businessmen for their businesses, even for individuals as an informative apps and even educational apps and many more. The one thing in common with all those who require an app and lack the skills to do it themselves is the problem with the comparatively high cost of getting an App developed. The cost of developing an iPhone app is one of the biggest issues that firms or individuals usually have. The reason being, that they [...]    Read More

App Development – iPhone vs iPad – What you need to know

Two of the most popular mobile devices from Apple are the iPhone and the iPad. Since the release of the iPhone almost a decade ago, it has steadily increased in popularity. Apple then also launched the iPad to which we took an instant liking too. The popularity of the apps has also reflected in the mobiles apps. There is now an app for almost every requirement of ours and these apps exist for both the iPhone and the iPad. Hence the obvious question being is the mobile app for both iPhone and iPad the same in terms of development. The answer is “yes to some extent” The iPhone app and iPad [...]    Read More

iPhone App Development Tips

For us enthusiasts who always wonder how an iPhone App is developed there is never a dull day trying to figure out new techniques and discover new methods. However, an iPhone App is quite different from a Website in terms of development and the way it can be studied. A website offers more flexibility and is easier to understand, but it is not the same for the iPhone app. Thus for many professionals and enthusiast and even businesses who wonder how an iPhone App is developed and how their smart ideas can be converted into smart apps, here are a tips to help you get started. Making use of [...]    Read More

What does it take to develop an iOS App?

Software development in general is considered to be hard and tedious. The general impression being that it takes an in-depth knowledge of the programming concepts as well as programming skills and the knowledge of the programming language to develop a software. The same applies to mobile applications as well. It is true to some extent. Developing native mobile applications or software applications for a computer does require a great deal of knowledge regarding the basic concepts of software development. However, it is also true that there are several alternative methods to develop mobile [...]    Read More

The value and benefits of Customer Feedback for iPhone App Development

A lot of effort goes into the development of a mobile application. This involves designing the mobile application as well establishing a marketing strategy. Hence it requires the effort of a software developer as well strategists who are aware of the behaviour of the targeted audience. It is important to develop a good quality application. However, it is important not concentrate all the effort on development and marketing. It is surprising how much can be learned from a simple feedback form. Giving the opportunity to a customer to provide feedback in the form of submitting a form with a [...]    Read More