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Archive for ecommerce web development

Techniques to optimize eCommerce conversions

There are a several eCommerce conversion optimizing techniques that should be considered by every eCommerce business. There are a few listed here: Get to know the customer and make it reflect in the website via customization Tweaking to optimize for product search and product browse. Limitations of exclusively keyword matching search Develop special strategy to deal with the missed out eCommerce Conversions using conventional textual search. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tips on techniques to implement to optimize conversions In order to be successful at an eCommerce Business it is no [...]    Read More

Take advantage of the new features in OpenCart to create a robust eCommerce website

OpenCart is open source eCommerce software that is based on PHP and MySQL. It offers several advanced store management features and is freely available for all to download. The new version of OpenCart, version was released in 2016 which added many new features to OpenCart thus making it even more feature rich. The OpenCart in 2017 has more than 13000 modules and themes. Furthermore, there is a marketplace for all such needs.   New Features in OpenCart The new version of OpenCart has many GUI improvements. The basic administrative panel interface has been rearranged to make it [...]    Read More

Open Cart Shopping cart makes eMarketing easier

  Open Cart is a simple and secure eCommerce software. This software can be used as a shopping cart for any type of business, small or big. It is a cost effective solution for all besides which the administrative panel provided by Open Cart is very easy to use. In addition to this Open Cart provides several features that help market your eCommerce website. With advanced SEO features, Open Cart is the chosen one for many. Marketing tips to drive more leads to your website   Content Marketing strategy: It is always to have a good plan prior to starting anything. Content Marketing [...]    Read More

Making beautiful websites using Open Cart

OpenCart is an open source software that is available as a free download. It is an eCommerce platform that is a professional and reliable and one that can be used to build a shopping cart. It is possible to use OpenCart for small businesses as well as large businesses. OpenCart has a great many features to start with however, if you do require additional features it is possible to perform special customizations on the store. This can be in the form of add on plug-ins or special custom modules additionally built. It is a unique open shopping cart system that is highly secure with built in [...]    Read More

Does your online business need an eCommerce strategy ?

    A great many businesses that have retail stores, also have an eCommerce website. With more number of Internet users now laying their trust in making purchases online this comes as no surprise. Hence it becomes essential to maintain an eCommerce strategy to remain competitive in this highly competitive world of eCommerce. An eCommerce strategy can start from the basic elements of your website: By defining a purpose for every page of your website it becomes easier to design it, monitor it and analyse it. It is important to maintain the pages that define the price structure, [...]    Read More