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Archive for November 2017

Migrating to New Version Of Laravel

Laravel is an open source PHP framework that can be downloaded for free. It is a highly popular PHP framework even though it was released fairly recently. Laravel is a feature rich framework that uses the MVC structure and also uses a modular packing system. The Laravel feature for accessing database is very robust, it is possible access the relational database in many ways and also has a dedicated dependency manager.     Pitfalls of Using Old Version The current version of Laravel is 5.5 and there are already many projects that were developed using the older version of Laravel. [...]    Read More

PHP Web Development Process

The Web Development Process involves many stages right from design to development. There are also several other tasks involved that support the Web Development process. A lot of planning and analysis is involved prior to the start of the actual development of the project. The development process also includes documentation, testing and maintenance.   Development Process It is important to understand what the website is all about prior to the start of the development process. For example, the website may be an eCommerce website, however it is important to be aware of what kind of [...]    Read More