Comparing PHP With ASP.NET

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Posts: October 2017

Comparing PHP With ASP.NET

There are several programming languages to develop websites online. Some of the most commonly used languages and technologies are PHP, ASP.NET and Java. Although PHP is the only language that has been specially created for website development. There are several articles on which is the best programming language to use…[...]

What is Website Caching and Templates And How Does Laravel Handle It?

Website Caching The Website caching feature is quite commonly used when developing websites; this is a feature that allows for the temporary storage of web documents. The caching includes HTML pages as well as images and reduces the server lag. Web caching is a core feature of the HTTP protocol.…[...]

Website Performance For Website Developed Using Core PHP vs PHP framework

A large percent of the websites online, have been developed using PHP. The websites can be developed using either core PHP, a PHP framework or an open source software in PHP. Core PHP involves programming using basic PHP functions while PHP framework involves using a framework with several modules. Since…[...]

How 3rd Party Modules Can Solve All Worries In Magento

Magento is one of the most feature rich eCommerce open source software available. Hence, it is no big surprise that it has climbed to the top so fast and is now one of the most popular eCommerce software. In addition to that, with the release Magento 2, the already rich…[...]

Using an external Database with Magento

There are several benefits of being able to use an external database connection. This may mean that the database is on another server, hence the code and the database are on different servers. This is an advantage when it comes to using large databases and also for a project with…[...]