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Archive for January 2017

Magento extensions that you should install on your Website

Magento is an eCommerce platform in PHP that has several versions. One of them is an open source version that is used by many websites for their shopping cart. Magento was launched less than 10 years ago and has already become one of the major three eCommerce platforms.   Magento is used by many companies across the globe like Burger King, CocaCola, NCare, etc. As per the statistics published in March 2016, Magento hold a giant share of the world eCommerce market at approximately 29%. (Courtesy:   Features that make Magento stand out Magento has the SEO [...]    Read More

A Good Reason To Use Open Cart

Open Cart is an open source eCommerce software that is used by many business to develop their shopping cart. Open Cart is comparatively more cost effective. It is also easy to install and setup and hence used by many businesses. There are many open source eCommerce software available like Magento, PreastaShop and Zen Cart to name a few. Some of these open source shopping carts have been around since quite a while while others are new. However, Open Cart compares well with these shopping carts by providing a simple and easy to implement shopping cart.   Listed here is the list of [...]    Read More