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Archive for December 2016

Getting the Website Design right?

  The importance of a good website design cannot be stressed enough. The website design is what the visitor notices first. Simply having a good design is no good, since the website also needs to have relevant content and functionality. However, a good design will encourage the visitor to spend more time on the website, which in turn is likely to be more beneficial. A good website design is more than simply one that looks good. The website design needs to be functional, designed as per the features of the website and above all user friendly. Where to start your website design   [...]    Read More

Benefits of developing your websites using PHP 7

PHP 7 has been a major release of PHP for a while and is a big leap forward in terms of features and performance. The last major release of PHP was in 2004 with PHP 5. Hence, as one might expect, PHP 7 has a great many new features and improvements. A website built in PHP 7 will also perform much better and have faster loading times. All most all the open source frameworks like Laravel, Zend Framework, Cake PHP, etc. have released new versions to support PHP 7. In addition to which even the open source software like WordPress, Joomla, etc. have also new versions to take advantage of the [...]    Read More

Open Cart Shopping cart makes eMarketing easier

  Open Cart is a simple and secure eCommerce software. This software can be used as a shopping cart for any type of business, small or big. It is a cost effective solution for all besides which the administrative panel provided by Open Cart is very easy to use. In addition to this Open Cart provides several features that help market your eCommerce website. With advanced SEO features, Open Cart is the chosen one for many. Marketing tips to drive more leads to your website   Content Marketing strategy: It is always to have a good plan prior to starting anything. Content Marketing [...]    Read More

Making beautiful websites using Open Cart

OpenCart is an open source software that is available as a free download. It is an eCommerce platform that is a professional and reliable and one that can be used to build a shopping cart. It is possible to use OpenCart for small businesses as well as large businesses. OpenCart has a great many features to start with however, if you do require additional features it is possible to perform special customizations on the store. This can be in the form of add on plug-ins or special custom modules additionally built. It is a unique open shopping cart system that is highly secure with built in [...]    Read More

Database flexibility with Laravel

  Laravel is an open source PHP framework that is available as a free download. It has been developed using the Model-View-Controller architecture (MVC). Laravel is currently one of the most popular PHP frameworks around, but is has not always been this way. There are many PHP frameworks like Code Ignitor, Symphony, CakePHP to name a few. Laravel was released fairly recently and has climbed to the top in a very short span of time. It is very feature rich with a special authentication module to ensure highly secure websites. Introduction to how Laravel handles a database Laravel [...]    Read More