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Archive for July 2016

Making your websites more secure

With more number of people and businesses having an online presence it is essential that they are aware that the websites need to be kept secure as well. Many websites are found vulnerable and the main reason is that they are unaware of the need to keep them more secure. Importance of Website Security Website hackers make use of a wide range of tools and have many tricks up their sleeve to be able to hack your website. Hence if a hacker manages to access your website and destroy it in the process it will create a bad impression on the customers. The customers and the visitors to your [...]    Read More

Reacting to change in shopping trends to boost ecommerce sales

An eCommerce business has several advantages over a brick and mortar store. This is one of the main reasons why there are already so many exclusively eCommerce businesses as well as many brick and mot ar store with eCommerce websites. Here are a few statistics and facts that help display the current trends. Ecommerce sales in 2011 was $308.64 billioin in the USA. This figure was at $493.07 billion in 2015. It is 7 times harder to make a new customer than to retain an existing one. An estimated 89% of online shoppers will never buy from an online store if they have experienced poor [...]    Read More

Understanding the Magnto Admin Panel

If in need to set up an eCommerce website fast, there is no better option than Magento. Magento is a flexible eCommerce software which is open source and available as a free download. This is a software that has been designed keeping the user in mind. Although it is easy to understand the working of the Magento Admin Panel, it will require some basic knowledge on the workings of an eCommerce website. The Magento Admin Panel – How hard is it to learn When it comes to the Administrative Panel for Magento, almost everyone will feel that it is quite intuitive. It does help to have some [...]    Read More

What should you opt for – Readymade Magento theme or a custom made one?

  Magento is one of the more popular eCommerce softwares available. It is open source and available as a free download from their website. Although Magento is one of the more recently released eCommerce packages, it has quickly become one of the most popular eCommerce software too. The advantages of picking Magento is that it has several in-built features and hence there is little need to add extra modules via the plug-ins available or seek a Magento Developer to help add custom functionality to the website. It is also possible to use one of the many templates that are available [...]    Read More