Benefits of having a multistore ecommerce website

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Posts: June 2016

Benefits of having a multistore ecommerce website

The ecommerce websites are on the rise as are the number of people using the Internet to make purchases. As more Internet users begin to trust online transactions and make use of the several kinds of online services the world of ecommerce is also evolving and adapting to this consumer…[...]

The future of ecommerce businesses vs offline business in 2016

The eCommerce business is booming with more number of people now beginning to trust and believe in safe online transactions. The general outlook of many retail businesses was ‘only online’ at one point in time. However, there does appear to be a change in how the retailers view the online…[...]

Setting shopping cart with PrestaShop on your WordPress blog

WordPress is an open source software that is widely used as a content management system. WordPress was widely used as a blog and has evolved into a robust content management system. Although it can be still used a blog and hence many websites do implement it with the additional features…[...]