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Archive for June 2016

Make your ecommerce website truly global by taking advantage of international currency integration

  One of the basic advantages of eCommerce is the ability to reach beyond borders. This includes the ability to sell products and provide services at a national level as well as internationally. Allowing the Internet users to make international transactions means it is necessary to integrate international currency into your eCommerce store. There are a handful of currencies that are accepted internationally although there are also several benefits of integrating many currencies into a single payment gateway. Benefits of integrating international currency   Additional fees: When [...]    Read More

Increase your ecommerce business revenue by making things that matter, simpler

The world of eCommerce is a whole new world. While there are many users who have frequently shop online, there are are those who are new to this experience and are not fully aware of how it works or what to expect. Even the experienced shoppers sometimes take time to figure out how to go about making their purchase. The chief reason that the online customers are wary of making the purchase online is lack of clarity. Either the customer cannot find sufficient information regarding the product or they are unable to perform a complete research on the product in question. The importance of [...]    Read More

Introduction to cross platform development and the tools

  The gaming industry is very different from what it used to be when it started out approximately 30 years ago. From a simple game of bricks or a racing game on a monochromatic monitor to 3D game right on the desktop and on your mobile devices, the gaming industry has changed in leaps and bounds. It continues to make waves with new devices and new game control tools.  As a gamer, the experience of playing a game has changed completely. The Internet has also played a very big role in bringing games together on multiple platforms like the special game boxes, personal computer and even [...]    Read More

Significance of Social eCommerce Strategies and their techniques

  The popularity of ecommerce websites has risen manifold in the recent years. With an increase in competition and a high number of internet users now opting for online shopping, it has become essential for ecommerce businesses to make an extra effort to remain competitive. Amongst all, the businesses usually do give special attention to their social ecommerce strategies. The reason social ecommerce strategies are so important is because of the sheer volume of people using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Such social networks are perfect platforms for any business [...]    Read More

How to gain the upper edge in your ecommerce business.

When it comes to eCommerce there are many factors that influence how successful you are at gaining more customers. It is beneficial to maintain long term customers since it is not easy to make new ones. What customers want is a user friendly experience where all the information they need is at hand with additional tools and feature to help make their purchase decisions. At the same time, it is easier target specific section of profiles or groups for the purpose of marketing or site optimisation to gain more customers. However, it is not easy to succeed in this e highly competitive world [...]    Read More