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Archive for May 2016

All need to know about Magento Widgets

Magento is an open source software that is currently being used ecommerce platform by many businesses around the world. Magento was released fairly recently, but rapidly risen in popularity since then. Magento has several built-in features that are usually available only as additional plugins or modules in other ecommerce platforms. In addition to which Magento also allows use of Widgets. Widgets in Magento Widgets are a handy design element for Magento and just about any website. When using Magento, there are many options on how to add a Widget and how to configure it so that they are [...]    Read More

How the changing face of eCommerce affects your business

The eCommerce business is growing at a rapid pace every year. It is estimated that in US alone the minimum growth rate is 16 percent. There are several small and large ecommerce business. Some are exclusively online stores while there are many with brick and mortar stores as well as online ones. Here are a few statistics and facts for ecommerce: 71% of visitors depend on the ecommerce websites to get a better deal. 80% of the internet user have used ecommerce website for their shopping needs. 50% of the internet users have used ecommerce websites more than once. Cyber Monday 2013 recorded [...]    Read More

A layman’s perspective of what is Unity

Unity 3D is an extremely powerful development platform that is highly flexible and that can be used for the development of 2D as well as 3D games. The games developed with Unity 3D have the added advantage of being multiplatform and also that it is easy for developers to create stunning and interactive games. Main features of Unity 3D Unity 3D is a very feature rich package that has plenty of tools that are required to build a good game on just about any platform. Thus it goes without saying that the people behind Unity 3D are relentlessly improving the software and adding more platforms [...]    Read More

eCommerce development trends that are likely to around for a while

  There have been many eCommerce development trends over the years. With new trends popping up every year and old one resurfacing there is no set trend. However, there are a few ecommerce development trends that have been popular for a while. Here is a list of the popular ecommerce development trends: Mobile first design: A higher percentage of visitors now use their mobile devices to access the internet and make purchases. Hence it is essential to consider the mobile phone user when developing a website. From implementing responsive design to providing several features to enhance [...]    Read More

Building more secure ecommerce websites to improve customer confidence

    The importance of Website security increasing with many important services being offered online, including financial services, storing of personal data that is sensitive etc. it is often in the news and online that a website has been hacked and personal details or credit card details have been stolen. Thus the eCommerce website security requirements are usually quite high. This has negative effect on the consumer confidence of using online services and hence the average consumer needs more convincing. This can be done by implementing correct practices and obtaining [...]    Read More